Prevalence and determinants of burnout among nurses in selected public hospitals in Kenya

Rosebenter Awuor Owuor, Lucy W Kivuti-Bitok, Miriam C.A Wagoro


Background: Burnout which is highly prevalent among nurses does not only affect them but patients and healthcare institutions.  We determined the prevalence and determinants of burnout among nurses in sub-County public hospitals, Homa-Bay County. 

Methods: We selected 85 nurses for this cross-sectional study.   Simple random sampling and a self-administered questionnaire were used with an 80% response rate. Descriptive and inferential statistics were applied.

Results: Burnout was reported among 32 (47.1%) nurses; 43 (63.2%) had high emotional exhaustion, (48; 70.6%) had high depersonalization, and 63; 92.6% had low personal accomplishment. Marital status, a feeling of insecurity, and experience of reduced self-efficacy had a statistically significant relationship with emotional exhaustion (p=0.04, 0.00 and 0.01).  A feeling of insecurity and perceived external control was statistically significantly related to depersonalization (p=0.02 and 0.04). Hours worked per week were statistically significantly related to reduced personal accomplishment (p=0.01). Gender (OR 0.11, 95% CI [0.00 to 0.52], p=0.02,  the period of deployment in the current ward (OR 0.00, 95% CI [0.00 to 0.17 ]), p=0.01 job insecurity (OR 12.22, 95% CI [1.48 to 101.03]), p=0.02  perceived external control in one’s job (OR 24.2, 95% CI [1.94 to 301.43]), p=0.01 and the experience of reduced self-efficacy (OR 19.1, 95% CI [1.23 to 324.91]), p=0.04 were the predictors of burnout. 

Conclusion: Gender, period of deployment in a current ward, job insecurity, perceived external control, and experience of reduced self-efficacy were associated with burnout

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